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Bariatric Surgery in India

Weight Loss Through Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss means the reduction in weight. Bariatric surgery means the surgery performed on stomach and intestines which helps a person to reduce his weight. This surgery can be done for people whose BMI is above 40.

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Types Of Bariatric Surgery

  • Restrictive Surgeries – It restricts the size of ??the stomach thereby slows down the reduction.
  • Malabsorptive/restrictive Surgeries – It reduces the size of the stomach and ??also helps ??to remove the parts of the digestive tract. It helps to achieve weight loss by changing the anatomy of stomach. It also limits the intake ??of food .

People who failed to gain a ??healthy body with dieting and exercise can undergo this procedure. Operations ??including gastric banding, stomach stapling, stomach shortening is effective for obese patients.

Benefits Of Bariatric Surgery

  • Hormonal changes after bariatric surgery helps in raising the energy expenditure.
  • Surgical weight loss helps to maintain weight for a long period of time.
  • Severe weight loss achieved with bariatric surgery minimize the production of insulin and maximize ??the rate ??of some other factors which helps to reduce the intake of food.
  • It will improve the quality of health ??and life.
  • Depression and anxiety can be reduced ??to a large extend after a bariatric surgery.
  • In some cases, bariatric patients with T2DM posses normal blood sugar while leaving ??the ??hospital. It will not generate a need to use antidiabetic medication.

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